About Us – The Logical Scientist and his Sensitive Wife

A Joint Spiritual-Journey

As I noted elsewhere, my wife and I have been on a spiritual-journey for the past 30 years. I trained and worked as an earth scientist; while my wife has been a sensitive and empathic person all her life. I come from a logical and analytic background; she comes from the intuitive and subjective side.

I earned Bachelor and Master of Science degrees, focusing on earth science and biology. Along with the usual physics, chemistry and calculus, I was fortunate to have many humanities classes. Fortune shined on me further when NASA provided a grant to support my field and lab research for my masters thesis.

Raised in a mainline protestant church, I struggled with traditional Christian teachings. So by the time I left high school, I rejected religion. During college, I found peace in a worldview based solely on science.

My wife was raised in a Catholic family; and as a child, she dutifully went to catechism classes. Of these, she says she never understood what they were talking about; it didn’t make any sense to her.

Logical Husband and Empathetic Wife

In contrast to my rational approach, my wife feels her way through life. She is highly sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others. Constantly tuned into her environment, she observes and has a deep understanding of people around her.

After graduation, my wife suggested that we attend a more progressive church. I then became more interested in spiritual subjects. I pursued the calming and focusing effects of meditation, the power of a positive attitude, and using affirmations to shape daily experiences.

Thirty years ago, my wife and I underwent a life-changing spiritual awakening. Since that time, we have pursued paths of spiritual development, which have taken us to many places both on the outer and inner planes. Together we forged a relationship which accelerated our individual growth.

For us, a successful life is both a function of reason, and intuition and feeling.


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