Perception / Reality

“Enjoy Yourself” – A Gift of Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is important to our well-being. Unless we accept and appreciate what comes to us in life, we will never receive the benefits of contentment and happiness. Authorities on the benefits of gratitude encourage us to consider how recognizing what we have, versus what we think we need and want, can change everything. Continue reading →

Spiritual Savvy of Michael J. Fox

I remember the first time I saw Back to the Future in a theater – the audience clapped loudly at the end of the show. The movie was such great fun. People don’t normally celebrate after a film.  Continue reading →

Experience Valued over Ideology

When I was a boy, my parents took me to both medical doctors and chiropractors. One to cure sickness, and the other to optimize health and treat injuries. My family had a balanced view of both professions, in spite of strong prejudices against one or the other profession which existed at the time. In other words, my family valued their personal experience above ideologies.  Continue reading →