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Delving into the cross roads of rationality and intuition

Spirituality - Mist filled mountain valley

Welcome to our website. 

My wife and I have been on a joint spiritual-journey for the past 30 years. Together we forged a relationship that accelerated our personal spiritual development. We want to share our experiences and insights, and help others to grow spiritually. Let us begin by giving you a summary of our reasons and ideas for creating this site.

I trained and worked for many years as an earth scientist. While my wife is a highly sensitive and empathic person. I come from a logical and analytic background; where, she comes from the intuitive and subjective side.

As I am the writer, I am taking the lead on developing this website. As the feeler, my spouse watches over my shoulder and advises me.

Organization of website

Based on our many years of spiritual progress, we find no conflict between science and spirituality. These two are just different approaches to perceiving the same reality. So the top menu on this page reflects our approach, emphasizing spirituality and science.

Next is scholarship, a way to understanding our spiritual and religious traditions, followed by spiritual practices we found meaningful. The resources section covers references we recommend, and a more detailed section about us.

We invite you to scan and enjoy the following articles and photos.

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