Positive Affirmations

Facing Fear and Finding Peace

A few years ago in Honolulu, my wife and I became acquainted with an attractive, Japanese-American girl, who had spent her entire life in Hawaii. As we got to know her better, she revealed that she was pondering and perplexed about whether she should go to college “on the mainland,” meaning San Francisco. The idea of moving to San Francisco and leaving Hawaii for the first time was giving her no peace at all. On top of that her grandmother, who probably was a buddhist, had taught her to always seek peace in every part of her life. The young woman was searching for an answer. Continue reading →

Wifely Affirmations About Life

I am confident and resilient,
for I am always in the presence of God.

Divine life is actively at work within me,
restoring my health, and
enriching this body with energy and strength.

Each day, I become younger and more alive
in mind and body and spirit. Continue reading →

Positive Power of Spiritual Affirmations

Olympic athletes know mental preparation is as important, if not more important, than physical conditioning. These athletes must endure tremendous amounts of stress to perform. Dorothy Harris, PhD, former professor of Sport Psychology at Pennsylvania State University said:

“The only difference between the best performance and the worst performance is the variation in our self-talk, and the self-thoughts and attitudes we carry around with us.”

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