Spiritual Affirmations for Summer

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Positive Power of Spiritual Affirmations

Olympic athletes know mental preparation is as important, if not more important, than physical conditioning. These athletes must endure tremendous amounts of stress to perform. Dorothy Harris, PhD, former professor of Sport Psychology at Pennsylvania State University said:

“The only difference between the best performance and the worst performance is the variation in our self-talk, and the self-thoughts and attitudes we carry around with us.”

For years she practiced doing positive affirmations, and demonstrated that these with other practices, like visualization, improved her health. She successfully showed the relationship between saying affirmations, and her attitudes and behavior.

Like Dorothy Harris, my wife and I found that we positively affect our daily attitudes and spiritual life by reading and saying spiritual affirmations. We offer the following spiritual affirmations, listed by category for your use:


Positive Spiritual Affirmations

Cat Desire and Expectations

I greet this summer with great expectations.

I look forward with joy, as I anticipate the summer ahead.

I pursue the desires of my heart.

I am propelled by sacred energy and guided by the infinite wisdom within.


Doing and Accomplishing
I welcome new opportunities to be a channel for good to flow.

I let go of rushing, resentment and any feelings of inadequacy.

I finish each task with grace and ease, and experience the joy of giving.


Girl EnthusiasmEnthusiasm
I am alive, alert, and enthusiastic about life.

I spiritually affirm the well-being of all in the world.

I am wise, worthy and excited about life.


I am willing to forgive others and myself.

I forgive anyone I believe has wronged me, and I am forgiven.

Every time I forgive, I feel lighter, and invite more good into my life.


Prairie dogGratitude and Gratefulness
I appreciate every person and everything around me.

I am grateful for memories and lessons from the past.

I focus on gratitude as I go ahead with whatever I am doing.


From a spiritual perspective, I see myself and others as perfect, healthy and strong.

I am healthy and whole.

I lay aside all limiting beliefs, and realize the truth that I have an abundant life and radiant health.


Train station architecture Imagination and Creativity
I realize I have the opportunity to co-create the life I want.

Whatever current circumstances, transformation is at my fingertips.

I release my imagination to give me all the possibilities this summer may hold.

I embrace the ideas which bubble up within and which reinvigorate my spirit.


I take time to meditate for the benefit of others, as well as for myself.

Peace beckons from within; it exists at the core of my being.

As I meditate I relax into a deep inner stillness.

Fear, resentment and worry dissolve into nothingness.

I experience divine peace.

I emerge whole, focused and refreshed for life.


Sacred spark Sacred Spark Within
The sacred within is the source of my good, and is never depleted.

The love and wisdom which springs from the divine within encourages me.

From within rises a rich supply of sacred ideas, understanding, wisdom and strength, what I need for a full life.



Observing my innermost thoughts and feelings, I take what I want to keep, and note what I want to release.

I release thoughts about the past and the future.

I consciously choose to live in the present moment.

I hold close thoughts, beliefs and habits which foster my spiritual growth, reinforce my relationships, and support my well-being.


lighthouse Spiritual Guidance
To make sure I am not managed by “to-do” lists, I let go and rely on inner guidance to choose my work.

I rest in the holy place within and am guided to right answers.

Faced with conflicting choices when making an important decision, I turn within and find the guidance I seek.

I let go and trust sacred inner guidance to lead me though any challenge.




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