Wifely Affirmations About Life

Wifely Affirmation - sunset boat

For You, A Gift of Affirmations From My Wife


Wifely Affirmations About Life - Smiling WomanHealth and Resilience

I am confident and resilient, for I am always in the presence of God.

Divine life is actively at work within me, restoring my health, and enriching this body with energy and strength.

Each day, I become younger and more alive in mind and body and spirit.


Wifely Affirmations About Life - Divine Awareness - GirlDivine Awareness

I give thanks for my perfect sight.
I see God in every face.
I see good in every situation.

I am willing to see the gift in this experience.
May the lessons be revealed to me,
and I become stronger and clearer.


Wifely Affirmations About Life - Gratitude and Forgiveness - statuesGratitude and Forgiveness

As I allow myself to open to the fullness of gratitude and forgiveness,
the past and future fade away, and
I become more alive in the present moment.


Wifely Affirmations About Life - Who Am I? - Beach sunsetWho am I?

I am magnificent.
I am an expression of creative love.
I am creation on all levels of consciousness.
I am a reflection of each person I meet this day.

Who am I?
A child of God.
What do I want?
To be and give impersonal love.
What is my purpose?
To love myself totally,
so I can give impersonal love and be love.



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