Wifely Affirmations About Life

Wifely Affirmation - sunset boat

For You, A Gift of Affirmations From My Wife


Wifely Affirmations About Life - Smiling WomanHealth and Resilience

I am confident and resilient, for I am always in the presence of God.

Divine life is actively at work within me, restoring my health, and enriching this body with energy and strength.

Each day, I become younger and more alive in mind and body and spirit. Continue reading

The Origin of Christianity – What Can Historians and Archeologists Tell Us?

The Origin of Christianity - What Can Historians and Archeologists Tell Us? -- The Colosseum in Rome

The Colosseum in Rome

“From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians”

Ever wonder why Christianity developed the way it did? What elements within Christianity formed the basis for Western civilization? Why do we approach life the way we do? Then perhaps you may want to see the Public Broadcasting System’s (PBS) four DVD program: From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians.

Of the various videos which exist about the early development of Christianity, this program is the most comprehensive and even-handed one available. Further, there is an award-winning PBS website which has hundreds of pages of support material. Continue reading

Wisdom from The Martian Chronicles

Wisdom of Martian Chronicles - Sunset

Life as a Spiritual Checkbook

I sometimes imagine life as a spiritual checkbook. Rather than for dollars, we write checks of “time.” We really don’t know how much time we have in our spiritual checking account; but we assume that we have an average amount for a person of our gender. How we write our checks becomes a serious matter. Continue reading

Spiritual Affirmations for Summer

Sand sculpture

Positive Power of Spiritual Affirmations

Olympic athletes know mental preparation is as important, if not more important, than physical conditioning. These athletes must endure tremendous amounts of stress to perform. Dorothy Harris, PhD, former professor of Sport Psychology at Pennsylvania State University said:

“The only difference between the best performance and the worst performance is the variation in our self-talk, and the self-thoughts and attitudes we carry around with us.”

Continue reading

Spiritual or Religious – What Are We?

Spiritual or Religious?

 Spiritual or Religious?

Spirituality is in vogue. As Americans use the term “religious,” it is increasingly limited to dogma, ritual and other religious practices, and institutions. Whereas, “spiritual” and “spirituality” are far more inclusive, encompassing all of their lives. Large groups of Americans want to deepen their spirituality, and self-understanding, according to surveys. Continue reading

Inventiveness Erupted During Spiritual Awakening

Artist Painting Boat

A Springboard for Self-Examination

Based on my experience, I can say that the process of spiritual development can greatly increase a person’s creativity. In my case, it took the dissolution of my early marriage to start an intense period of personal development. Continue reading